Consulting Services

Evaluation and implementation of public health programs: We draw on in-depth analysis, performance indicators, and our diversified subject matter expertise in the healthcare field to meet the demands of the future by optimizing processes and trajectories for continuous improvement.

Literature review/ best practices and data analysis: We are experts in synthetizing the array of literature/ best practices, and conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis in order to provide quality reports for your research or organizational goals.

Creating patient or employee satisfaction & experience surveys : Satisfaction and experience surveys have gained increasing attention as meaningful and essential sources of information for identifying gaps and developing an effective action plan for quality improvement in healthcare organizations. Our experts in public health will make it easy to create, collect data and analyze them for health, services and system improvement.

Digitalizing & Supporting you through your assessment of standards and norms: Partners in Accreditation supports you through your process of assessing and evaluating norms and standards required by governments in order to acquire your organizational accreditation. Norms and standards may include: infection prevention control, long-term care, medication management, leadership, governance, intellectual deficiency and dependence, mental health, general and clinical health, patient centered care, etc. 

Organizational best practices: An integrated quality structure enables healthcare providers to never miss out on an opportunity to improve practices. Our team helps integrate the best available knowledge into the organization practices, procedures and guidelines. We help build a structure around quality improvement best practices, putting together different teams in charge of quality within the clinical pathways by involving patients, and families for patient safety, as well as putting in place a structure of well-being for employees through appreciation programs, etc.

Quality and risk management digital solutions: Our experts identify underlying issues and determine what will help you thrive in the near and long-term future. Imagine seeing an improved working environment and enhanced patient experience and patient safety in just days. That is the promise of Partners in Accreditation. Short-term, high-impact workshops driven by key performance indicators and based on the Kaizen methodology for continuous improvement. Embedded in a cutting-edge solution for quality and risk management for healthcare systems and organizations.

Patient safety surveys: Does your organization measure patient safety? Does your organizational culture support patient safety? Our experts in patient safety will help you create with pre-written templates & in real time, patient safety surveys for better decision making.

Investigations: Our experts conduct Patient safety | administrative investigations (risk management, medical errors, organizational harassment, etc.), and make recommendations for a safer workplace for patients and employees.

Best-in-class loyalty and CRM technology platform: We combine powerful customer and industry insights, data science, and technology to design and deliver innovative loyalty, CRM, measurable impacts and experience solutions. We believe that loyalty is more than just points and programs—it is manifested in all touchpoints and connections with a user | patients | employees | interns have with your brand. Through our customer | patients centered approach services and technology offerings, we help clients build customer experiences that cultivate deep, emotional loyalty, advocacy, and a shared identity with your brand.

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